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Differences and Linkages Between GPS and GPRS

GPS and GPRS is only one letter short of so many people always confuse the two. Especially new to GPS friend, always ask: what difference does GPRS connection? So, first of all, let us be clear that the precise definition of both.

GPRS is a General abbreviation Packer Radio Service, Chinese translation of general packet radio service. Simply put, it is a kind of unlimited data transmission tool.

Called the Global Position System GPS English through simple translation we got: "global positioning system" this result.

Is the most fundamental difference between GPRS and GPS systems, GPS is a circuit-switched system, GPRS is a packet switching system. GPRS is especially suitable for continuous, burst, or frequent, small amounts of data transfer, also applies to the transmission of large amounts of data. Our GPRS can be understood as a higher level of GPS.

GPRS charging practices and traditional GPS also have very different, it is only by data flow, that is, based on user-transmitted data to billing, for example, when we download the information on the Internet, not by Internet time and billing that is, as long as no data transmission, even if the "online", or no cost

The final summed up in three words:

1. GPRS can be said to be part of GPS, GPS technology application into a data transfer functionality.

2.GPRS means "General Packet Radio data service", but just a data transmission, to deliver the data groups, as sending mobile phone messages and do not have any positioning or the burglar Rob feature.

3. GPS means "global positioning system", is a kind of positioning technology, used to confirm the longitude and latitude position of the object, there will not be for at least ten years more advanced than the GPS tracker technology.

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