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GPS Tracking System Growing in Popularity

Since 1970, since China's first satellite into orbit, have successively launched 30 different satellites, space surveying work of new China has d favorable conditions. Early 80, some of our universities and research institutions have already started research on GPS (global positioning system). It's been 10 years, our basic research and application development in GPS trackerspositioned to do a lot of work, and accumulated a lot of experience.

Mid 80, China launched the first global positioning system receivers, until now China already has tens of thousands of GPS tracker. However, GPS application level with developed countries, China has a lot of distance. Constraints on China's development of GPS--global positioning system receiver chip, on the semiconductor industry in China mainly relies on imports, China currently stations rarely, communications equipment, technology does not cross the fundamental geographic information d, and global positioning system map does not work very well together.

There is one important issue, is to artificially undermine the accuracy of the signal, increase the error rate of the GPS signal, so other countries cannot obtain accurate data accurately. Chinese scientists in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and other places to set up a global positioning system tracking station, to precisely track GPS satellites, so that data is more accurate.

However, in the final analysis, we would like to have their own global positioning system, from the satellite to the receiver to its own research and development, so as to more effectively take advantage of GPS positioning system in their daily life, d for the mass travel, tourism in China more convenient, safer environment.

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